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Alphabet of Good Things

We are an integral part of Czech history, an important player in the present and, as the bank for everybody, we not only take care of our customers, but we also support a wide range of good causes. We are convinced that you can achieve much more if somebody believes in you. And we believe in Czech society.

That is why we often return to the story of our founding. The idea of teaching people how to manage their money and leading them to prosperity, and in so doing helping the entire society, stood at our inception almost two hundred years ago. This was based on the belief that we will do well if the people are also doing well. We want to accompany our customers on their journey through life. A lack of self-belief is often the greatest barrier to a prosperous society. We want our customers to believe in themselves and to have the courage to follow their dreams, because you achieve more when somebody believes in you. And we want the same for the people on the margins of society.

We don’t help because we should. We don’t help because it will make us look better as the largest bank in the market. We don’t help because it is required of us. We don’t help because it would look good. We help because we think it is the right thing to do. We help good causes.

We help every letter, so enter the world of our The Alphabet of Good Things and let us take a look at 2016 together.

Alphabet of Good Things

For us CSR does not only mean giving things or money to the needy. We understand it as responsible behaviour in the community, whether this means one village, a region, a country or the whole world. It is a comprehensive approach to responsible business that includes care for the company’s values, responsibility towards employees, customers, suppliers and the environment. And that’s how our alphabet of good things came into being.

Savings banks were founded to help the poorer and middle class obtain greater economic independence. So it is no exaggeration to say that savings banks’ services helped develop our society. And we are building on these roots. As a prospering company with a large number of clients and as a large Czech employer, we can see we have obligations to society. We are in a position that gives us the chance to contribute to their form. We therefore get involved in areas that at first glance are not related to our activities.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our business and has an effect on all of our activities. As a company whose roots reach back to 1825, we are aware of our company’s responsibility and proudly declare it.

Česká spořitelna’s CSR project and the activities of both its foundations, the Česká spořitelna Foundation and Depositum Bonum Foundation, are based on the bank’s CSR strategy, called “We Are Investing for the Future”. As a part of this strategy, we are implementing the three basic pillars that define us:

I. We stand with those on whom society turns it back
The Česká spořitelna Foundation and its Floccus Award and Grant Programmes

II. We educate ourselves to be competitive
Financial literacy
Depositum Bonum Foundation
Cooperation with students

III. We are barrier-free
A Barrier-free Bank
Social Banking

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