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A Barrier-free Bank

Charles IV, Božena Němcová, František Palacký or green, brown and purple? Paying in cash with a banknote is a matter of course for the majority of us and we do not even stop to think about how to differentiate between the notes whenever we take out our money. How can we differentiate between banknotes if we cannot see them?

People with visual disabilities also have to resolve this seemingly trivial problem. The banknotes do not differ greatly in size. Plastic templates are used to enable the blind to differentiate between them. So we had 10 thousand of them made in 2016 in order to simplify the handling of money.

We are not blind to the needs of people with handicaps. We want to be a bank without any barriers. We have expanded the Silent Connection service to 35 branches: this involves induction coils for clients with hearing aids and branches with an online interpreting service or online transcription. We have also improved a further 10 branches to meet the needs of the blind. We defended our first place in the Handicap Friendly competition for 2016.

And how does this stack up in figures?

  • 235 wheelchair access branches and 184 partially accessible branches
  • 750 ATMs for the blind and 122 with wheelchair access
  • 30 branches with online transcription
  • 690 branches with an audio output
  • 35 branches with a digital voice beacon



A Barrier-free Bank

We are not blind towards the needs of the handicapped. We are adapting ATM for the blind, we are opening wheelchair-accessible branches, we have audio navigation and on-line transcription for the deaf. Being free of barriers for our clients and employees is our aim.

Some banking institutions pretend to be friendly to the handicapped, in particular by organising various events, e.g. in co-operation with non-profit organisations or by sponsoring various programmes and sending money (a simple and, at first glance, attractive way), but Česká spořitelna is one of the few that really tries to make services for clients more pleasant, for example by improving access to branches, whether it is for people with movement, sight or hearing disabilities, or by offering employment.” Ing. arch. Jan Tomandl, Prague Organisation of Wheelchair Users, civic association

We have 234 fully barrier-free branches and 184 partially-accessible branches. We have adapted 687 ATM to serve blind clients and 143 ATM are completely barrier-free. Deaf clients can use 26 branches that are fully equipped with online transcription. 25 branches have audio navigation for blind clients.

We are barrier-free also at the website www.bankabezbarier.cz

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