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Future Minds

Lenka registered in the first year of university ambassadors and immediately showed us that it makes sense to give students work experience, to lead them to perform and to get them to leave their comfort zone during their studies.

This student from the Information Management Department at the University of Hradec Králové (UHK) came to us after having gained experience from working on the Loan Gamification practical project. Her marketing colleagues gave her the task of investigating how UHK students perceived Česká spořitelna and its university branch.

After acquiring more than 200 responses from students at all the faculties, Lenka evaluated the results and took a number of specific proposals for improvements to Marketing. As such, she had the opportunity to find out what it was like to present the results of her work and defend her ideas during a presentation to the department.

Lenka subsequently registered in the Ambassador Programme. During her internship, she expressed interest in the way branches operate, how everything functions and what the work involves. She found all of this out thanks to two days spent at two branches in Hradec Králové. This insight into the way the bank functions appealed to her to such an extent that she is now ascertaining which positions Česká spořitelna offers graduates and what she needs to do to become our employee.

How did 2016 stack up in figures?

  • 6 partner universities
  • 35 realised lectures and workshops
  • 8 completed real projects
  • 1 Innovation Day
  • 30 events (not only of an educational nature) at universities, which were also open to the public
  • 16 dissertation and thesis consultations
  • 4 TEDxPrague partnership events

And how does Lenka rate her internship?
During my internship, I had the opportunity to try out the full range of activities. I did some of the tasks myself, so I was responsible for their timely completion. Other tasks were completed in a group. I tried out the role of the team leader and I endeavoured to motivate the others to work. I also attended meetings and I met a number of interesting people. I improved my ability to communicate and I accessed the world of Google applications and in particular the banking sector, which interests me. I am very pleased that I was able to visit the Česká spořitelna branches.

I learnt about everything that the bank offers its clients, what the latest applications in the area of banking are and everything that the branch employees have to know. The graduate programme particularly attracted my attention. I think that this represents an excellent start for new graduates and I hope that I will be able to become part of it in the future.

We support young and talented people who have a clear vision and want to bring something new and fresh. 

Future Minds

Untraditional, but innovative ideas come from young people. For a long time we have been supporting students in their business efforts and helping the growth of good ideas.

We support young and talented people who have a clear vision and want to come up with something new and fresh. Our co-operation with universities grows every year and linking up students and employees has proved to be a great opportunity to bring young people closer to work experience. The employees themselves take a lot away from the co-operation.

Business Centres for Students
Business incubators and accelerators provide students with great backing for the start-up of their own businesses, meetings with inspirational people and primarily are often a way to realising their dreams. Those who first want to first obtain experience of project management or enrich themselves with the experience of a corporate environment can get involved in dealing with our practical projects.

We are involved in the following accelerators:

  • InovaJET (Czech University of Technology)
  • Point One (Czech University of Life Sciences)
  • University of Hradec Králové (Processing of Practical Projects)
  • xPORT (University of Economics)

 „I’m happy that the bank keeps thinking up new projects and trying to break down people’s idea of it as a routine and traditional bank. That it wants to come up with something new and keep showing that it’s the number one bank in the Czech Republic,” said a University of Hradec Králové student.

We also support student ideas, so we are a partner of the competitions Byznys trefa (Business Hit), Innoversity, Podnikavá hlava (Business Head) and Rozjezdy roku (Start-ups of the Year). We spread ideas worthy of sharing and in 2015 we were partners of TEDxPrague and arranged its broadcasting at the National Theatre piazzetta.

We can take care of start-ups in all ways. We are the only bank on the market to offer the INOSTART Swiss-Czech co-operation programme. We offer not only financing, but also comprehensive specialist advice.

We are moving with the times and have established Future Minds, a Facebook group for young people, where they can find information about banking, interviews with ČS employees, invitations to events and workshops, job opportunities.

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