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Inspector in Trouble

We decided to interest the teenage generation in financial literacy in an unconventional way. We contacted the YouTuber Vidrail and gave him a free hand to make a video about finances. You can see the result in the vlog.

In spring 2016, we launched the Secret Journey online game with elements of financial literacy. The number of people playing the game increased by 108% within seven days of the release of the video and it has been seen by more than one hundred thousand people. Young people discuss the fact that they most frequently spend money on food and “junk” and that they are going to get a part-time job in almost 900 commentaries on the video.

We have long supported financial literacy by means of the Financial Freedom interactive board game. How much does the Korunka family’s housing cost? How much does the Chudík family spend on food? How much does the Mizina family’s four-legged friend cost them? Students found out all of this at the Czech Championships for the Financial Freedom board game.

Up to 126 students from 23 primary and secondary schools from the entire Czech Republic played the board game against each other in Prague. Some of them managed to accumulate 10 million crowns within two hours, while others ended up bankrupt. We hold the championships in cooperation with the KFP educational association. 

Inspector in Trouble

Sharing information is the key to good co-operation. Across not only the Czech banking market we work with a number of organisations and institutions. We do not underestimate co-operation on CSR with other organisations.

In co-operation with the Czech Banking Association (CBA), we contributed to the preparation of the educational series Inspector in Trouble. We also got involved in a CBA project called Bankers Go to School, as a part of which deputy chairman of the ČS board of directors Wolfgang Schopf debated students on the topic. He prepared a special lesson in which he placed emphasis on the topic of digital technology, safe behaviour in an online environment and the future of banking.

„It was very interesting and enriching not only to present to students the issue of banking, but also to hear their views on banks and questions related to the safe handling of internet banking. It is young people who will materially influence future trends and developments in the banking sector. We regard it as fundamental to talk to students now and familiarise ourselves with their opinions,” emphasised Wolfgang after his lecture. A total of 36 top bank and financial company representatives participated in the project, which visited schools in 15 towns and cities throughout the republic.

We also work with the Business Leaders Forum and membership of the platform enables us to share and disseminate topics related to corporate social responsibility. We also contribute to an annual initiative of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) to support disadvantaged students mostly from Roma families, where we present our graduate and student programmes and internships.

We regularly attend the CSR Committee at the US Chamber of Commerce. Together with other partners we deal with current CSR topics in corporations and share mutual experience. In the last year, for example, we jointly paid attention to the topic of mandatory CSR reporting for large companies, and discussed this topic with the state administration. Every year commission members have the chance to nominate people who have been contributing to positive changes in society for a long time for an AmCham Wings Award. In 2016 the award was won by the Director of the Debt Advisory Centre David Šmejkal. We have been supporting the advisory centre’s activities since its establishment.

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