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Unity in Responsibility
(Jednota v odpovědnosti)

Prague is one of the most beautiful capital cities. And many find it even more appealing when Christmas is approaching. This is why the Česká spořitelna Penzijní společnost is involved in organising Christmas trips for lonely senior citizens and it hires three low-floor buses to this end.

Up to 600 senior citizens set off on trips to Prague at Christmas from 30 different starting-points. The people on the buses get to decide exactly where the bus will go. Along with a hundred volunteers, the senior citizens visit churches, nativity scenes and Christmas markets. This will be the event’s 25th year.

The Česká spořitelna Penzijní společnost and its volunteers take part in a number of events throughout the year. They helped to make Advent wreaths and decorated Christmas gingerbread together in the middle of December. They have become a partner of the Senior Mile, a sports event organised by the Život 90 Association, which brings generations together, and they have purchased theatre performances for the clients of this association which helps senior citizens.

Assistance with a brick
Our other subsidiary companies are also active in assisting the needy. Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny (also known as Buřinka) supports the Portus Praha non-profit organisation, which assists mentally handicapped citizens. The focal point for the cooperation is financial support for the well-known Brick Event campaign and benefit auction of works of art, by means of which Portus acquires funds to finance its activities. Many of its colleagues assist at the organisation’s sheltered accommodation in Slapy, where they join in the gardening, cleaning in the house and so on.

Buřinka also organises the collection of unwanted items which could be of use to others. The Sue Ryder organisation, which provides services to senior citizens, then sells them at its shops.

And that is not all. In 2016, they commenced cooperation with the A MANO sheltered workshop, from which they purchase handmade decorative and utility ceramic items. Sheltered workplaces assist people with mental or combined handicaps to socialise fully and in doing so to find a place in the open employment market.

Grantika offers Fair Trade coffee
Our subsidiary, Erste Grantika Advisory, uses Fair Café coffee at its offices. The production is more environmentally friendly, the growers receive a fair payment for their crop, their children can enjoy their childhood and go to school and the growers use the social bonus for various social and educational projects. Fair Trade is an effective, internationally recognised tool for the development of cooperation.

It purchases coffee from the Obchod NaZemi social enterprise. The company was established by the NaZemi non-governmental, non-profit organisation as its sole partner. This organisation promotes global developmental education, companies acting responsibly in their supply chains and fair trade as an effective source of support for poor growers and craftsmen from the countries of the Global South.

Unity in Responsibility
(Jednota v odpovědnosti)

We are a large financial group with a number of subsidiaries. In responsibility to society we are one team and jointly support good things.

We are on board with responsible and sustainable development as the whole Česká spořitelna Financial Group. Česká spořitelna and its subsidiaries, which belong to the group, share the responsible approach.

In addition to the alphabet of good things, Česká spořitelna’s subsidiaries have their own projects:

Erste Asset Management
At Erste Asset Management we have in our range funds whose portfolios contain investments emphasising environmentally-friendly, social and ethical businesses that meet the characteristics of socially responsible investment. They are the Erste Responsible Stock America and Erste Responsible Stock Global CZK funds.

Erste Grantika Advisory
At Erste Grantika Advisory we drink Fair Café. Through this decision we try to support two disadvantaged groups of people: coffee growers in countries in Africa and Latin America, as well as Obchod NaZemi, which is run as a social business. The profit is used by the non-profit organisation NaZemi to co-finance its activities related to protecting dignified working conditions in the world. NaZemi is in favour of global development education, it focuses on companies’ responsibility for their supply chains and promotes fair trade as an effective support for poor growers and craftsmen from countries in the global south.

The coffee is traded in the Fairtrade system in accordance with the Fairtrade International rules. The production is more environmentally-friendly, growers get paid fairly for it, their children can experience childhood and go to school, growers can use the social top-up payment for various social and educational projects. Fair trade is an effective tool for development co-operation and its support is simple and pleasant. The choice of coffee has a fundamental influence on the lives of growers in the global south.

Fair Café is a tailor-made first-class blend of Arabica from Guatemala and central Mexico and Robusta from Tanzania. The coffee has a full and balanced taste with a medium acidity. The Mocca d´Or roasting house in Zwolle, the Netherlands, provides a medium-strong roast that gives the coffee its delicious aroma.

Česká spořitelna - Penzijní společnost
We contributed to the organisation of the Senior Citizens’ Mile (a race for senior citizens) by the Život 90 association, as well as Christmas tours around Prague by bus for lonely and handicapped senior citizens, and we also organised the production of advent wreaths for the Ž90 club.

„I would like to thank you for the beautiful advent wreath, which I was able to make at Život 90. For me it was an unforgettable pre-Christmas experience, and even when I know there is still time before Christmas, I have my beautiful wreath displayed and whenever I go past, I don’t forget to look at it. Your helpers were very kind, willing, helped us and were happy to advise everybody. So once more I'd like to thank you for everything and wish everybody who helped organise the event a merry Christmas and good health in the new year 2016," said Miroslava, a Život 90 client.

We also handed over equipment we no longer needed as a sponsorship gift to the Kašperské hory Children’s Home.

Stavební spořitelna České pojišťovny
Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny is fully aware of its social responsibility. It therefore tries to implement its message “We finance better living for everybody” also in the area of its charitable activities, linked primarily to support for housing.

It mostly focuses on co-operation with the Portus Praha institute, which helps mentally handicapped citizens. The centre of co-operation is financial support and the well-known benefit campaign and benefit auction of works of art called Akce cihla (the Brick Project), through which Portus Praha obtains the money to finance its activities. For many years it has also helped through direct participation of employees in sheltered housing in Slapy (work in the garden, cleaning in the building, etc.).

Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny continued to support Sue Ryder homes in 2015. It is a non-profit organisation that since 1998 has been caring for senior citizens and offering solutions in various life situations—from home help to dignified palliative care. The main assistance from SSČS consists of organising the collection of things that the owner does not need, but could be useful to others, which Sue Ryder then sells in its shops.

The Bowler Hat is also a partner of the Debt Advisory Centre, which it has been financially supporting since it was established. The centre provides debt advice and improvements in financial literacy, it helps people in difficult financial situations deal with their debts free of charge.

Erste Leasing
The company contributed CZK 15,000 to the purchase of a wheelchair, bionic prosthesis and compensatory products for handicapped children.

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