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They have served their purpose with us, but that does not mean that they are no longer of any use. That is why the colleagues from the bank came up with an idea for how to use the expired first aid kits from our branches. The first aid kits are sent from the branches to the Red Cross, rescue stations or shelters.

And where do similar ideas concentrate in our company? In Kaizen! Kaizen is a way of thinking associated with the constant search for small and quick improvements in the processes, environment and quality of life. The bank’s regular employees are involved in the process with the support of the managers. The activity takes place in the form of groups led by trained moderators throughout the entire bank.

Kaizen in figures in 2016:

  • 78 ideas with an impact on the entire bank or the branch network
  • time savings with a value of 26.5 million CZK achieved

Saving time, while having satisfied clients: this is yet another of the ideas from the Kaizen group. Pavla Kroupová and her group in Děčín won the employee award for an idea for eliminating the inspection of the account user’s current data during a change in the nature of the account, which was often not in the branch with the account holder. The implementation of this idea brought us time savings in the branches with a value of more than 4 million CZK per year, but mainly it brought us satisfied clients.


We collect suggestions from our employees and try, based on their ideas, to improve the work environment and save their time and our money.

By constantly looking for opportunities for small and fast alterations to processes, the environment and also the quality of the environment, we contribute to improvements in employees’ lives. Kaizen is announcing the second year of a competition to find the most beneficial projects realised—central and local. In 2015 we implemented 75 central and 159 local suggestions. We achieved savings totalling CZK 13m.

Kaizen Group Liberec initiated the elimination of frequent errors and lost time when calculating the client’s average income in regard to his/her loan application. Thereby they not only significantly eased the work of the employees but also achieved savings of CZK 1,396,000 per year.

This year the Employees Prize was awarded to Kaizen Group Ústí nad Labem. They had pointed out the absence of the option of an accurate preview of the card account balance that the clients were missing. This resulted in savings of CZK 1,163,333 per annum.

Kaizen represents a way of thinking that is associated with the continuous search for opportunities for small and rapid improvements to processes, to the environment and also to the quality of life. Primarily involved in this process are the regular bank employees with support from the managers. Throughout the entire bank this activity takes the form of groups that are supervised by trained moderators. 

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