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Ladies Leaders Library

I do not think in terms of obstacles; I prefer to think of them as tasks: this is how Radka Turková, one of the top-ranking managers at Česká spořitelna, views the world. Female business role models are active throughout the entire company, regardless of the branch, business or position. And they are brought together at Česká spořitelna through the Ladies Leaders Library platform.

Radka Turková is a product management and sales support manager and she is directly subordinate to one of the members of the Board of Directors. When asked about her managerial role model, she answered that she has always worked for highly “enlightened” managers who believed in her and gave her space to express herself. She has always drawn inspiration from her family, whether it was her grandmother, who was extremely industrious and modest and who lived through both World Wars, or her family, which has supported her to find her own way in life. And what was the best advice she has received in life? “Choose your battles”, said one of the high-ranking women at Česká spořitelna.

Our Ladies Leaders Library platform offers an opportunity for inspiration and networking to women who want career growth and are looking for successful female role models. Since 2012, we have given our most talented women the opportunity to show their quality in the Satori development programme. This programme offers women in managerial posts the opportunity to overcome any barriers to their professional growth. We have long supported the five [GK1] most prestigious programmes for women in the Czech market: Odyssey Leadership, Odyssey mentoring, Equilibrium and Minerva 21.

How did this stack up in figures in 2016?

  • we have seven development programmes for women
  • more than 100 women made use of the option for development or inspirational meetings for women
  • the European Commissioner Věra Jourová praised us as an inspiration and a case of best practice for other companies
  • the seventh year of the Satori development program received the highest rating from 9 out of 10 respondents

Lean In

We regard our female colleagues highly, so we offer them mentoring, development programmes and make their return from maternity leave easier. We support equal opportunities.

Since 2012 we have been providing opportunities to the most talented women to prove their qualities as a part of the Satori development programme. This programme offers women in managerial positions the opportunity to overcome the barriers to career growth. Its graduates include Markéta Klučková, the current director of IT and Governance; what she liked most about it was the meetings with other women and passing on of experience. From this year the highest woman in Czech banking is Daniela Pešková, also a graduate of the Satori development programme.

Our Ladies Leaders Library platform offers those women who wish to advance their careers and are looking for examples of successful women both individual inspiration and networking opportunities.

For a long time already we have been supporting the 5 most prestigious programmes for women that exist in the Czech market: i.e. Odyssey Leadership, Odyssey mentoring, Equilibrium, Lean In and Minerva 21. Together with three other large companies (Microsoft, T-Mobile, Exxon Mobil) we have also been involved in the creation of the Exchange Meeting 4U platform, which is active in the transfer of experience in the areas of the development and promotion of women throughout a wide range of companies. In 2015, we also became the principal partner of TEDx Prague Woman.

The Čáp (Stork) Programme
Annually cca. 150 of our staff-members leave for maternity or for parental leave. Our Čáp (Stork) Programme was established in 2008 as an initiative for encouraging parents to return back to their jobs. Both in Prague and in the regions Čáp (Stork) meetings are held up to 8 times a year and they enable more than a hundred parents annually to maintain direct contact with the bank. For our employees the average duration of maternity or of parental leave is 2.5 years. Parents can draw an allowance of up to CZK 4,000 for a child that is under 5 years of age and in 2015 we contributed CZK 11.7 million to parents in this manner.

We support the return of our employees from their parental leave. Kristýna Havligerová, our spokesperson, is a proud double-mother. She is a graduate of the Satori development programme and has been supporting Good Things over a long period, which is also evidenced by the fact that she is a public fan of the Melinda application.

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