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The final bell of the school year and children rush home clutching their school reports, with visions of two months of holidays which they will spend with their parents, maybe at a camp or simply playing with their friends. Thanks to Melinda, the children from the St. Margaret’s Children’s Home in Brno could do so too.

On the first day of the holidays, the Česká spořitelna spokeswoman, Kristýna Havligerová, promised that the company would donate 1 CZK for each like of a Facebook post and 5 CZK for every time it was shared. She chose the project of the St. Margaret’s Children’s Home, which was looking for funds to realise trips for the children who would otherwise have spent the summer at the home. As such, she made their wishes come true: for example, to go to the Dinosaur Park in Vyškov, to visit the Moravian Karst or to experience the atmosphere of the Šiklův mlýn Western town.

The Facebook post received 4,428 likes and it was shared 2,367 times during a single weekend. When converted to Czech crowns, the post “earned” non-profits 16,263 CZK. Kristýna sent 10,000 CZK from her account, the maximum amount which you can donate via the application (this was also the target amount for the project, which eventually gained 15,172 CZK with Melinda). The followers on Facebook got to decide on where the remaining 6,263 CZK would go.

The Melinda application offers Česká spořitelna clients a simple way of contributing to the needy. All you need is a smartphone with the Android or iOS operating systems, an account at Česká spořitelna and a payment card. Clients can choose which charitable projects they wish to support and the amount they wish to donate: everything can be set up easily in the application. With just a few clicks, they can select the amount that card payments should be rounded up by and the monthly limit for their generosity; it is also possible to make one-off donations. The more that donors use Melinda, the faster, and the higher the chance that the non-profits will acquire the funds they need.

We continue to look for fresh ways of promoting the Melinda donor application: we also used virtual reality at the Colours of Ostrava festival, of which we are the general partner, to do this. 360° videos were used to present both the application and two other selected projects.


Making donations simply and fast through a mobile application. This is our Melinda donation application, with which we help good causes. Even with one finger we can move the world.

Having a four-legged friend next to them helps the handicapped to deal with their handicap. But the state does not contribute to the training of guide dogs, for either organisations or clients. Dog training is handled by the Pomocné tlapky (Helping Paws) organisation, which needed a new run for them—a place the dogs could play or rest after demanding training sessions.

With one finger we can move the world
The running grounds for the assistance dogs from the Pomocné tlapky (Helping Paws) organisation is one of the projects to which it is possible to contribute via the simple mobile application Melinda. This application offers our clients an easy way in which to contribute to those in need. It requires very little - a smartphone, an account with our bank and a payment card. In return it offers much more, because, by using it, over time you can make tens, hundreds and even thousands of those in need happy. Melinda was launched, in a pilot operation, in November 2015.

I welcome the existence of this application that will enable a portion of our funds to be donated directly through a mobile application. In my opinion it is necessary to support vital projects and specific people who, through no fault of their own, are unable to take care of themselves. I consider the concept of creating such an application as being praiseworthy and I trust Česká spořitelna in this regard. It does not raise any concerns on my part because I am certain that Česká spořitelna is a trustworthy bank,” is just one of the many positive reactions to Melinda.

„I like the idea provided that I can choose which project I want to donate to and that there are several different options for how to contribute. I also like the idea of contributing using a payment card, because then I do not feel poorer for spending that money.”

„The idea is good, no one is forcing anyone else to do anything; everybody can set their limit themselves and also immediately see what s/he has contributed to.”

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