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The Danger of the Internet
(Nebezpečí internetu)

What do you do if you find a memory stick on the ground? You are pleased, because you have been wanting to buy a new one for a while, as you have lost yours. Once at home, you switch on your computer and plug the memory stick in. No! That would be a mistake! Our colleagues explained why you should not do so at the Night of Scientists university event.

Another Night of Scientists event, this time on the theme of Security, took place at the University of Hradec Králové (UHK), our partner university, on the last day of September. We did not hesitate and invited our security experts, who had prepared a quiz to enable the participants to test their knowledge of social engineering.

We also scattered several memory sticks around the university campus and tested what the people who found them would do with them. If they kept them and inserted them into their computers, a warning appeared telling them they should not do this again, because this could lead to their computer becoming infected with a virus or to a loss of data. A competition involving throwing a (plush toy) virus into an antivirus recycle bin, a wall for drawing viruses, the construction of a Trojan horse from a 3D puzzle or phishing with magnetic fish were prepared for the younger participants. Do you want to see what the event looked like? Watch the video.

And how successful are we with internet security as a bank? We succeeded in averting 97.7% of attacks, to be precise 98.8% in the case of malware and 97.6% in the case of phishing. 

The Danger of the Internet
(Nebezpečí internetu)

The internet has brought a number of benefits. But we should not underestimate its pitfalls and should try to ensure that using e-banking services is safe.

We have been seeking to draw our clients’ attention to the risks that may be associated with the use of banking services over the long term. We have therefore prepared several educational videos on how to protect against fraud entitled:

A record of an actual attack via Facebook
How to defend yourself against Facebook fraud
How to use CS online banking safely
How to set-up your mobile phone safely

We have also created our own Decalogue concerning the safe use of Internet banking.

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