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We give our clients a helping hand when resolving their complaints. This is why we also have an ombudsman’s team which is there for our clients and supports open communication.

And where did they help in the previous year? For example, they helped one significant international scientist, who is at the very top of his field, with unblocking the access to his internet banking. The client often travels to give lectures at renowned international universities. He had blocked his access to his internet banking by mistake and was staying at an address which we did not have recorded in our system as a correspondence address. He did not have the security number, so he could not unblock it himself. He did not have a Telebanking password either, so it was not possible for a telephone banker to unblock it for him. The standard approach would have involved him drawing up a request for the dispatch of a security password and the verification of his signature at the embassy of the Czech Republic in the country where he was currently active. However, this would have meant a time-consuming and expensive day trip for him. We verified the identity of the client in several different ways and we secured the option of sending the security password and the Telebanking password to his current place of residence.

Have you ever mistakenly sent money to an account which was not the one you wanted? This has also happened to our clients. Our client mistakenly sent an amount in the area of hundreds of thousands of crowns to another account, but he pressed the wrong key on the keyboard and did not check the payment order in the internet banking application thoroughly. He requested the branch to make immediate contact with the owner of the account into which the amount had been credited with a request for a refund of the payment. The standard procedure in this case is to send a letter with a refund request to the unauthorised recipient. It then usually takes a long time for the money to be refunded to the sender’s account. The distressed client contacted the ombudsman’s team with a request for help. As the owner of the account to which the money had been sent by mistake was also a client of Česká spořitelna, we called the recipient of the money, explained the situation to him and requested him to refund the payment. In order to prove that we were truly calling from the bank, we also sent a refund request to the unauthorised recipient, which we scanned before posting and sent to the recipient of the payment by e-mail. He then refunded the money to the original account almost immediately.

The ombudsman’s team has been involved for 15 years in resolving escalated complaints, where clients have the impression that the result which they received from the branch, client centre or any other part of the bank was insufficient. It is also involved in client requests which are associated with serious life situations and, furthermore, with complicated cases which require a deeper level of expertise. In 2001, we were the first commercial organization to provide this service to its clients.

The service resolves around 200 to 300 cases a month and the average period for their resolution in 2016 amounted to 9.2 days. We were able to accommodate our customers fully or partially in 70% of cases, while this was not possible in the remaining 30% of cases. Clients mainly contact the ombudsman with concerns pertaining to fees for bank products and services, unapproved loans and loan restructuring, the enforcement of outstanding receivables or the drawing down and securing of mortgage loans.

Contact: 956 717 718,


We give clients a lifebelt when dealing with their complaints. We therefore have an ombudsman team that is here for clients and that supports open communication.

For the fifteenth year, in the Česká spořitelna ombudsman team we have been available to clients when dealing with not only serious complaints, but also requests for resolution of the most difficult life situations.

In 2015 the Ombudsman Team dealt with a total of 3029 client suggestions. In 1559 cases these were complaints, in 943 cases requests from clients, while in regard to 527 complaints the Ombudsman Team provided support to the employees of the branch network and to the Customer Care team.

Fluctuations in the composition of the Ombudsman Team have been minimal over the past few years and people frequently ask us how it is possible to cope everyday, over a long period, mostly just with problems and tragedies. The answer is simple. We enjoy our work because every day we see how meaningful it is and every time that we can help the client to find a way out of, or to significantly relieve himself/herself of a difficult life- situation this both motivates us and keeps us happy.

Contact: 956 717 718, ombudsman@csas.cz

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