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Social Banking

They help out wherever it is necessary and they often plug holes in the social coverage provided by the state. Despite that, they struggle for finances and are often dependent on subsidies and grants. This makes it impossible for them to make long-term plans and to develop. We are talking about non-profit organisations. In order to rid them of their dependency on subsidy programmes, we offer them the FRIN fundraising academy, which is part of our social banking.

How can the academy assist non-profits? One story will suffice for all.

Water Helps!
During the FRIN acceleration programme, Diakonie Západ realised qualitative and quantitative research which tested the “sale” of water and applied the design thinking method. All of the tests confirmed the attractiveness of the idea: Water helps – drink and help.

“According to the research, 70% of people on the street would have contributed at least 30 CZK per bottle and we subsequently verified the finding: 31% of the respondents contributed during test sales” explained Libor Janíček, the External Relations Manager at Diakonie Západ.

And what did they find out? That among the people on the streets of Pilsen 59% are potential or existing long-term donors, that people attribute the greatest significance to information about the subsequent flow and proper use of any financial donations during street collections, including the option of checking (25% of the respondents) and that approximately 20% of people on the street can be put off donating by the unsuitable appearance or behaviour of the volunteers. The purpose of the collection is only the fifth-ranking reason why people are put off donating. Thanks to this, they have turned away from their original goal of acquiring maximum one-off donations during a collection day in order to pursue a long-term and valuable relationship with regular donors.

Watch the video.

Non-profits belong to the higher risk group for bank products. We are aware of this and as such we have a special social banking programme for them, through which we can offer them an individual approach. For example, we used this programme to provide bridging finance to the Vzájemné soužití or Smíšek organisations until they received their approved subsidies.

We assist non-profits and social enterprises to achieve sustainable business through development programmes. Social Trade also passed through one of them. The Neratov Association has received awards and long-term support from us, including, for example, an investment loan for the construction of a brewery.

And what specifically does this mean for them? Watch the videos.

Social Banking

Business can have a social overlap. We help business ideas with a social overlap move up the steps to the heights of stable and functioning projects. 

We want to create effective help for people threatened by poverty. We would like to offer companies and non-profit organisations with a social overlap special care, financing and attention, so that they can grow and expand their services. We trust that we can - together with them - positively influence Czech society.

Step by Step
In September 2015 a social banking team was established in our Bank. It is seeking for ways in which to set-up banking services for businesses and for NGOs with a social outreach, that currently have limited or no access to them. Banks in all countries belonging to the Erste Group will gradually start to pay more attention to this social banking initiative and, since we have the same long-term goals, therefore also the same title – i.e. Step by Step.

The aim of this initiative is to effectively assist people who are at risk of poverty. At Česká spořitelna we wish to first concentrate on businesses and NGOs that have social outreach. We want to offer them special care, funding and attention in order to enable them to continue to grow and to expand their services. We believe that thereby - together with them - we can influence Czech society in a positive manner.

The Social Impact Award
Caring for a daughter with a seizure disorder; health problems leading to early retirement; caring for a handicapped son or daughter. These are the stories of the women who participate in the social enterprise named Ironing Ladies. This company, which was initiated by two college students, provides work for socially disadvantaged women who are housebound, but who want to work and to be independent. It was for its social outreach that this enterprise won the Social Impact Award. The Vice Chairman of Česká spořitelna, Wolfgang Schopf, is also one of their satisfied clients.

We support young people with ideas to solve social and environmental problems through entrepreneurship and thereby we became the main national partner on behalf of the Social Impact Award. This competition was initially established in Vienna in 2009 and today, in addition to Austria and the Czech Republic, it additionally takes place in 8 other European countries. The initiator of the competition at the regional level is the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University for Economics and Business Administration in Vienna, while the regional partner is the ERSTE Foundation.

Impact First
In 2015, together with Impact HUB, we launched a new Impact First accelerator. This free programme is intended for NGOs, social and socially beneficial enterprises and informal teams. Through a sequence of workshops, financial grants and mentoring they can test their projects and direct their energy, time and money to activities that have a real value in regard to the future operation of the project.

The winner of the first run of IF was Social Trade which employs long-term unemployed and socially excluded people in the Kolín area. “Social Trade has the largest social impact of all the finalists. It is not a start-up that is still building its business and it has already helped dozens of people to get a job,” commented Radek Bedřich, the member of the CS Social Banking team who also sat on the jury, regarding this social enterprise.

CS Social Enterprise Academy
We were supporting socially responsible business in cooperation with the VIA Foundation at the CS Social Enterprise Academy. Social enterprises that had been carrying out business for at least a year could be assigned to it and, in return, they received education in economics and management together with practical help. The Commission assessed which was the best business plan and the Company concerned received CZK 95,000. In 2015 the Social Trade social enterprise, which provides jobs for socially excluded people, was successful. Its main activities are cleaning, demolition, building and gardening work, including the revitalisation of public spaces in order to improve the living space of Kolín and in the surrounding area.

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