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“I am delighted to be able to be involved in assisting somebody who needs it and to be part of something which makes sense,” said Andrea Parisová, who is the administrator of our donor application. She knows at first hand what it is like when a person needs help. She is in a wheelchair.

A handicap does not mean that the person is incapable of working and that is why we have the Transition programme, which focuses on the employment of people with handicaps or health restrictions. For example, the Courageous Five development programme, which offers handicapped people developmental and expert courses as well as monthly internships at Česká spořitelna, is run every year.

Products bring work
We support sheltered workshops, which provide handicapped people with work, because we know that it is difficult for them to find it elsewhere. And we want others to know about them, which is why we have created the Catalogue of Good Causes, where you will find them sorted by product and by region. Do something nice for yourself or for your friends and family and support the handicapped by purchasing products from the sheltered workshops.



We are interested in the absorption and hard work of our employees, a physical handicap is not a barrier for us. We support the barrier-free concept.

We offer a number of jobs for people with handicaps. We try to adapt workplaces to handicaps and prepare people in the form of work experience. There are not that many applicants, they are often worried about applying for a positon. That’s one reason we started the Pět statečných (Magnificent Five) programme. Since 2013, 14 people have taken it in various cycles and four obtained employment with us (although not all of them still work for us). In 2015 we had 91 handicapped employees, another part is substitute performance.

There are a lot of internships and courses, but they are one-dimensional; they teach you to programme, but apart from that they do not care who you actually are. I’m a kind of decathlete; I can handle different disciplines, but I do not feel like a champion in any of them, so I think that this programme suits me a lot. I was choosing the internship on the basis of where I could continue to additionally apply the experience I had gained. It makes no sense to come somewhere, check out this and that and then just leave again, because we actually do not want to do it.” Jakub Jančík who after completing the internship obtained a permanent job at the CS Test Centre.

This development programme is intended for interested persons with disabilities outside CS, who would like to try-out working in a bank. Its development part lasts two months, while its goal is to increase the participants’ knowledge in various fields (IT skills, presentation and communication skills, preparation for interviews, etc.). Following this there is the possibility of a month-long internship in various departments of the Bank. Those who are successful can obtain a permanent job with us.

Compensatory Performance

Though we focus on employing people with disabilities, we know that there is still a lot of work ahead us to reach a minimum number of 4% of persons with disabilities from all the staff. Therefore our manner of approach is to purchase both services that were implemented and products that were produced with the help of people with disabilities. Preferably selected as a cooperating partner is a contractor, who directly produces products or provides services that we need to purchase throughout the year and more than 50% of whose employees comprise PWD. Purchases in the compensatory performance mode are across the CS Financial Group relatively stable and range at around CZK 50 million per annum. Also positive is the increasing trend for purchasing from companies in which at least 50% of their employees are persons with disabilities.

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