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Art and Sport

Which glasses would suit you better? Rose-tinted, blind or virtual ones? What did people experience when they tried to perceive music as if they were a deaf person? And how would they enjoy a festival from the seat of a wheelchair? We offered all of this to the attendees of the Colours of Ostrava Festival from our Experience the Festival Differently stand.

The festival-goers tried how it would be to attend the festival as a deaf, blind or handicapped person. For example, they could experience the music via the vibrations, use noise-cancelling headphones to give themselves a moment of peace, learn their names in sign language, compete in wheelchair races over difficult terrain or get to know how to differentiate between banknotes when blind.

The world with virtual glasses
An extended hand with a request for some change, a meal voucher or a contribution towards a good cause increasingly garners no reaction from Czechs. They are not sure how much the hand in question really needs help. What if it was some kind of swindle?

They are increasingly giving preference to the internet, where they can choose who to support. In the online world, they are able to ascertain whether the needy are real and that the organisations which they are helping actually exist. This is one of the reasons why we created the Melinda mobile donor application; you can find approximately a dozen verified organisations in it. The visitors to the Colours of Ostrava Festival were able to experience two of them differently ... all they had to do was put on the virtual glasses at our stand.

We wanted to take them among those who would appreciate their help. To show them what they are like, what they need and why. Do you know, for example, all the things that an assistance dog can do? For example, it can open doors, bring a crutch or a wallet, put washing into the washing machine and take it out again, bring food from the fridge, undress a person, cover him or her with a blanket... The dog has to go through two years of preparation in order to be able to do this and much more.

A conversation with no words, only gestures
For most people, a moment when they cannot speak out loud is an uncommon situation. For the deaf, however, this is their regular means of communication. But how are they to speak with those who can hear when they know so few gestures?

Chocolate can assist them! Thanks to chocolate, you can learn several basic signs and expressions for the most common situations. It does not depend, of course, on how much you eat, but on whether you remember the signs which the chocolate hands present. Zuzana Filipová is exporting this delicious way of learning from Brno.

Zuzana’s friend is deaf and a trained confectioner. She learned to sign with him and got to know the Brno Deaf Union. Her friend now lives abroad, but Zuzana still cooperates with the Union. The Nang Chocolate project not only offers an interactive tool for learning sign language, but it also gives deaf people work.

And who is Zuzana? A girl that Forbes has written about. A health worker who travels, for example, to Asia to treat people and cooperates with Doctors without Borders. The winner of the  Social Impact Award competition focused on students with entrepreneurial ideas with a social overlap. A woman who is not indifferent to what is happening around her.

Zuzana taught a few basic signs and her name at our stand.

We are a partner to a number of large sports and cultural events, but we also support small regional projects. We are especially present at activities which families with children can experience.

Art and Sport

Culture and sport provide those involved and spectators with unique experiences and memories. We support good feelings and joy from cultural performances and sports events.

We became the general partner of the Czech Philharmonic, with which we celebrated our 190th anniversary in the Rudolfinum. For a long time we have been supporting the Smetana's Litomyšl opera festival, the Prague Spring international music festival, the summer Bohemia Jazz Fest and the largest world music festival in the Czech Republic, Colours of Ostrava.

In addition to music we also support the Czech Grand Design Awards and we are also a general partner of Designblok. It is not only our branch that resides in Prague's Rytířská Palace because there is also a gallery in the basement of the building which also exhibits works, not only those that emanate from our own extensive depositories.

The 16th year of the popular series of mountain bike races Kolo pro život (Bike for Life) was run in 2015. During this time it has become the largest mountain bike series in the world with 20,000 active cyclists of all age and social groups participating annually. We have been a partner since its inception.

We also support the Stopa pro život (Track for Life) programme, which is dedicated to all lovers of cross-country skiing. In 2015, it involved 3,587 cross-country skiers who, in total, skied across more than 115,000 kilometres. Cycling has also been at the centre of our interests and we have been a partner of the Kolo pro život (Bike for Life) series over a long-term period.

Through the Czech Athletics Federation we support athletics in every aspect, from the youngest pupils, through school and high-school competitions to the members of the Czech Republic’s National Team. In 2014 we became a partner of the Czech Olympic team and in 2016 we extended this partnership. This time Olympic Park Centre, named Rio-Lipno 2016 will be in South Bohemia.

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