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Proceeds of Charity Collection
(Výtěžek z charitativní sbírky)

To skate under the Žižkov Tower, take a ride on Akim the Camel or create a Three Kings crown – such was the 2017 Three Kings Collection. We did not forget about the regions and Easter celebrations also took place in a number of branches.

This year’s collection saw the participation of 60 thousand volunteers, mainly children from schools, parishes and scout troops. We supported the Three Kings Collection held by Charita ČR with several activities throughout the entire republic: not only could you go skating with your little ones under the Žižkov Tower , but we also had Easter celebrations in the branches in Mladá Boleslav, Klatovy, Hradec Králové, Litoměřice, Ostrava and Pustevny. We also welcomed carollers at the three buildings of the Česká spořitelna head office in Prague. And the money collected reached record levels this year; it surpassed the 100 million crown mark.

The Česká spořitelna Foundation is the general partner of the Collection and its organiser, Charita ČR. Moreover, our branches cleared the proceeds of the Collection free of charge. As well as the Three Kings Collection, we are also a partner of the Heart Days and the White Crayon Collection.

Our employees also help
The Cafeterie benefit portal offers our employees a number of travel, cultural and sports experiences. In addition, they can also contribute to three charity projects; last year, they gave a record amount of 152,717 CZK.

On average, they donated 1,775 points to charity projects, while the greatest amount donated was 16,400. In comparison with the previous year, they contributed almost double to the Senior Telephone crisis line operated by the Život 90 organisation, to the reconstruction of the BÉTEL non-profit organisation’s therapeutic and sheltered carpentry workshop for drug-addicted men and to the modernisation of the Unitas Fratrum Church’s Diakonie sheltered workplace for people with mental and physical handicaps at its Litoměřice centre.

But that is not all. For example, the Easter charity fair not only provided gourmet experiences from the employees’ baked treats this year, but it resulted in money from the sale of goods amounting to a total of 23,328 CZK, which was donated to the Children’s Centre at the Thomayer Hospital, which treats children ranging from very small babies to six years of age. They are children who have been taken from their homes or those whose biological parents either do not want them or cannot care for them and who are waiting for a replacement family. They don’t always get what they are waiting for. 

Proceeds of Charity Collection
(Výtěžek z charitativní sbírky)

We have given a helping hand to charity collections—we process cash gifts from the public for three large collections free of charge.

We are a long-term partner of Charity ČR, which organises the Tříkrálová sbírka (Twelfth Night Collection). We process the proceeds of the collection for the organisation free of charge. We also work with Život dětem (Life for Children) on the Srdíčkové dny (Heart Days) collection and with Bílá pastelka (White Crayon).

The proceeds of the Three Kings Day collection in 2015 amounted to CZ 89 million, while Bílá pastelka (White Crayon) brought-in cca. CZK 1.7 million. During the winter-season at “Heart Days” - which take place three times a year – a record amount of CZK 20 million was collected.

Our employees are also providing help
Our employees can support selected charitable projects via a programme of employee benefits, i.e. via the Cafeteria application. In total, over a two-year period, they contributed CZK 155,440. This money was used for the care of drug addicts and juvenile mothers, i.e. it went to SANANIM, to a therapeutic centre designated for people with mental handicaps, and to the Ledovec (Glacier) Organisation and to a sheltered bakery for people with autism, i.e. the Vítej (Welcome) Community Centre. Every year we also participate in the Movember event at which, in 2015, we collected CZK 30,948.

And they help even more. For example, the Pečeme pro charitu (Baking for Charity) event is traditionally held in the Christmas season in the IT building. The proceeds from the Christmas Baking benefitted the Ledovec (Glacier) non-profit organisation. A wide range of other similar events are organised – e.g. an Easter Market, the sale of the products of NGOs, etc. We also do not forget about the health of our employees so we organised, for example, a Health Week, during which we participated in the campaign entitled “I touch them every month”, while in cooperation with the Faculty transfusion department it was possible to donate blood at our premises.

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