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Work-life Balance

Mirka has passed through a number of developmental programmes and she is now in a managerial post and is bringing up two children. She has long shown that women can handle a career and family life. She has also passed through developmental programmes which helped her in her further professional growth; for example, she gained the necessary confidence at meetings, she tried leading a team and she moved up the career ladder.

Mirka joined the bank 14 years ago in the position of a telephone banker. After a year in the bank, she was already leading a team of 12 people and she successfully passed through the selection process for the Erste-Special Trainee/High Potential annual training programme. The programme concluded with a two-month internship in Vienna and with the defence of her own project; a special team to serve English-speaking clients.

She has managed to bring up two children during her career. “I have never felt motherhood to be a handicap,” she recalled. Since 2014, Mirka has actively participated in the Satori developmental programme for talented women, which aims to help women in their professional growth and cooperates within the framework of the Čáp (Stork) Programme to simplify the return of mothers on maternity leave into the work process.

The work-life balance in 2016 in figures:

  • 10.6 million in contributions to parents returning to work
  • 7 partner kindergartens
  • 5 meetings for parents on maternity or paternity leave in Prague and in the regions
  • 8.5% reduced work hours
  • 87,125 hours worked from home

Work-life Balance

We help our employees find a balance between family and work life. We are a supporter of pro-family measures.

The question of how to balance their personal and work lives is currently being dealt with by more and more people. There is therefore also increased interest in benefits that enable more time to be spent with the family and on one’s interests. The solution can be flexible working hours, which enable better managing of work and personal lives not only for the parents of small children or employees in difficult life situations. The number of part-time contracts for 2015 was 824 (55 men, 769 women).

„Sometimes it is not necessary to choose between 'either, or'. When I was pregnant, I began to wonder how to be able to combine work and family in an ideal manner. And the bank assisted me. They teamed me up with a mentor who had experienced such a situation and who could advise me. Together with my supervisor we discovered a solution that suited both my colleagues and myself. And, after seven months of maternity leave, I was able to come back to work. In addition, one day a week I can have a home-office day and in this manner to spend more time with the family that also supports me wonderfully in everything.” Andrea Kosťová, the Manager of the MSE.

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