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We live in a digital age where technology is part of our everyday lives. We also keep this in mind when realising our educational programmes for (not only) young people. One of the important topics which we focus on in the entire Erste Group is financial literacy.

This is also an important topic for the Erste Foundation – in the autumn, it launched the unique Erste Financial Life Park (FLiP) at the Viennese head office of the Erste Group, which is designed to lead young people to an interest in the area of finance in a fun way. FLiP provides young people with information using modern technology over an area of 1500 m2.

“We want young people to realise how important a role financial literacy plays in their lives, so that they are aware of the risks in the area of money and can make the right decisions,” said Philips List, the Project Manager. In 2017, the interactive trail will also be in English and Slovak and the project should also be accompanied by workshops and panel discussions with experts. Moreover, Sundays will be for families with children in 2017.

Approximately 2,000 children from primary schools visited the project during its pilot operations. FLiP also takes into account the age of the child, as it includes circuits for detectives (aged 10-14), for explorers (aged 15-17) and for experts (18 and above).

The Erste Foundation decided to educate children in the form of a game, which our research has shown would also be welcomed by young people in this country. The most popular was a web portal which provides information via a game, but a discussion profile on social networks also aroused interest.


We want to continue to help and we know that modern technology can help many of us.

We want to continue with good things this year and in future years. There are lots of programmes, projects and ways to do this. We want, however, to focus more on things that clients and the public can “touch”. What will be key for us therefore will be the Floccus Awards, the ČS Foundation Grant Programme, Melinda and volunteering. And we want to use modern technology (Y2K) for this.

We still focus on financial literacy, which should be encouraged from childhood onwards, and for this purpose we created an interactive game based on financial subjects that we entitled Tajuplná cesta (Mysterious Journey). This beautifully illustrated game in which they have to solve various tasks, will serve as a virtual introduction to London for children.

Created by studio loudmark